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DeDe Learning to Play Frisbee


DeDe Frisbee 1 DeDe Frisbee 3

I picked up on this Frisbee thing pretty quick.

I a lot of fun and helps me keep my Greyhoundly shape.

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At the End of the Day

After a hard day we just kick-back with the family.

Family Portrait DeDe Asleep

Then I take it easy so I can start my day all over again tomorrow.

We are told that some time in the future that we'll be getting two new sisters,

I guess we'll have to start looking for a place for there beds.

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Our New Sisters

Addie Nell

Nell the little brindle girl on the right has finialy made it home.

Addie on the left has gone to north Alabama to be a mom.

We expect her home as soon as the puppies are on their own, we look forward to seeing her.

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