Listed below are the dogs available for adoption, the list is updated periodically so please keep stopping by. 

If you would like more information about the adoption process click on GFGC Adoption Program


Louisiana & Alabama Chris & Tammy Bourgeois Email: Chris & Tammy
Louisiana, New Orleans Nancy Hunter Email: Nancy
Mississippi, Gulfport Dawn McCollister Email: Dawn
Mississippi, Biloxi Dale & Vicki Broussard Email: Dale & Vicki
Mississippi, Picayune Gerry & Julie LeBlanc Email: Gerry & Julie





PJ's Brandywine - "Brandy" 

Brandy is a tall long legged 58lb sweetheart.  She is two years old and full of spunk.  Blake is her brother and she looks a lot like him - could she be as sweet?  Her foster family says "Yes".  Brandy has a bit of a shady background - which means we are not sure of everything that has happened to her.  Shortly after she was released from the track she ended up in an animal shelter in very poor physical shape.  The shelter immediately transferred her to GFGC where her foster family has spent considerable time and effort to her recovery.  She is now a very healthy girl that is very appreciative of a loving home.  She loves people and other dogs.  Brandy realizes how lucky she is to be with us and is anxiously awaiting her new home.  Her profile will be updated when additional information comes available.




KB's Nostalgia - "Noss" 

Noss went to a really good home with another greyhound bu unfortunately both dogs wanted to be an only dog so there were dominance issues.  She is currently in a foster home with several other greyhounds and the family is working on her issues.  Noss is learning to "play well with others" and not to "run with scissors"; she is resonding very well.  Noss is very smart; of course she is - she is a greyhound but she may be smarter than your average greyhound.  She is a beautiful 62lb red girl with a black muzzle.  Noss has one of the softest coats you will ever feel.  You could pet her for hours and she would let you.  She wants to please people and loves to be in the same room with the family.  We think she would be happiest as an only dog.  Noss is not cat friendly.  We would not recommend her to a family with toddlers as she is a little dominate about her sleeping space.  Noss is just waiting for you to give her a loving home.  Her profile will be updated when additional information comes available.




USS Temptation - "Lucy" 

Tipper is a Black Female and she is 2 years old.  Did you know dogs typically have 42 teeth?  Well, when Tipper grins at you you see all 42.  This girl loves to grin and show what a good job Dr. Sandifar's office did on her dental.  Tipper is a 60lb black blur she is always on the move whether its running around the yard or standing by your side wagging her entire back half.  Tipper gets along well with other dogs but hasn't quite made up her mind about cats those tails look extremely inviting.  She also loves children especially ones that just finished eating and need a face washing; she will gladly take care of that for you.  Tipper is well behaved and has excellent house manners.  She is currently in a foster home with other greyhounds and is being kenneled during the workday.  When the family is home she has free run of the house and is causing no problems.  Tipper is truly happy to be retired and everyday she will remind you how happy she is to be with you.  Her profile will be updated when additional information comes available.




Dead Wait - "Honey" 

Dead Wait had to get a new name and Honey seemed to fit her perfectly.  Not only is she the color of golden honey but also she is just as sweet.  Honey is a medium sized girl, about 56 pounds and is 4 years old.  She looks at everyone with such adoration it is hard not to fall in love with her.  If you are down on the floor with her she will gently put her front legs around your neck and give you a big hug.  Honey wants to be your shadow and will follow you all around the house all day long.  She is currently fostered with other greyhounds and a medium size mixed breed dog – she gets along wonderfully with them all.  Honey has not been cat tested but we will update her bio as soon as we know.

(Pearl River)



E's Tessa - "Tessa" 

Tessa is a 60 pound, White-Fawn Female and she is 2 years old.  Her profile will be updated when additional information comes available.

(Pearl River)



SMA's Moomoo - "China" 

China is a 62 pound, White-Fawn Female and she is 9 years old.  She was turned over to GFGC by her adoptive family due to a lifestyle change.  China is a beautiful, sweet and loving girl that just wants to please.  She is compatible with children, other dogs and cats.  Her profile will be updated when additional information comes available.




Fuzz Face Fact - "Fuzzy" 

Fuzzy is a fast female with lots of finesse.  Her foster family says she is a “fit-in” girl – she fits in and feels at home in a flash.  Whether she is your first or your fifth greyhound she will bring you more joy than you can fathom.  Fuzzy is white with one festive brindle spot and fancy ticked ears, fifty-six pounds.  She will definitely fetch you a few envious stares as you walk her down the street – she is a fancy, flashy, girl with lots of flair.  She is feline friendly and feels comfortable around other four footed friends (pooches).  Catch greyhound fever with Fuzz Face Fact.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  (I found this bio the most fun and my favorite to formulate.  Although a few fussy ones might feel this writer needs to get a life and find fresh things to do in the future.)

(Pearl River)



JL's Mary Raye - "Merry" 

Merry just turned 2 years old and is a bundle of energy.  She is always wagging her entire 54-pound body.  She just can ’t seem to get the hang of only wagging her tail – she is way to happy for that.  Merry is also a grinner and occasionally we get a grin that shows her entire gum line.  She is white with one red spot on her side and her face and ears are marked with red and black.  She is a real showstopper and she seems to know it.  Like most greyhounds, Merry wants to be near you all the time.  She has adapted well to her foster home and will make someone a wonderful pet.  Merry is cat and small dog compatible.  Merry is currently fostering with greyhounds, a rat terrier and cats.

(Pearl River)


 LJ's Peekaboo - "Peekaboo" 

Peekaboo is GFGC’s senior greyhound looking for a home.  She is eight years old and her foster family affectionately refers to her as “Grandma”.  She was found stray sleeping on the beach and has required extensive Vet care and love to get her back into shape – she has fully recovered and is waiting for the perfect home.  She is a very active and perky girl who is living with cats, a small dog, a large dog, and greyhounds without any problems.  She loves children; actually she loves everybody.  She is a red fawn, 60-pound girl with the sweetest graying face you have ever seen.  Peekaboo would make a wonderful first pet or a great addition to a multi-pet household.  If you have never considered adopting a senior, please do.  It is a rewarding experience for both you and the senior greyhound.  If you have any questions about adopting a senior, talk to Chris and Tammy they have four greyhounds over the age of nine and their dear GeGe lived to be 15 years old.

(Pearl River)



My Bastion - "Bastion"  

Bastion is an 83 pound brindle male greyhound, 5 years old.  One look into those huge brown eyes and you will be in love.  Bastion is a very gentle boy that is always very careful not to step on his foster mom’s feet.  Bastion gives new meaning to the phrase “couch potato”.  While he has his playful moments he prefers to be cuddled up on the couch and watch (or sleep through) a good movie with you.  Popcorn would be a plus.  However white bread, not wheat, is his favorite snack.  If you leave a loaf on the counter he has been known to help himself to the whole loaf.  We have been working on this issue and both foster mom and Bastion are almost trained.  Foster mom tries to remember to put the bread away and Bastion tries to resist the urge.  Bastion really has taken his retirement seriously.  He is currently in a foster home with other greyhounds.  He is small dog and cat friendly–they are really too much trouble to chase.  Bastion has some issues with being alone and definitely needs a home with another large dog.




Chasing Chi - "Chi"  

Chi is a 78 pound, Black Brindle Male and he is 4 years old.  Chi is a very strong boy, you'll need to keep a good hold on his leash when walking him.  You are sure to get complimented when you are out walking Chi.  What a handsome specimen he is.  If there was a male review for dogs say "Chippendogs", Chi would definitely be included.  He could be known as the "Brindle Beast".  Chi is very outgoing and energetic so if you're wanting a lazy dog he is definitely not the dog for you.  He has a high prey drive and is not cat compatible.  Chi loves children but we would not recommend him with small children as he could easily knock them over in his exuberance.  Be prepared for an adventure with Chi.  His profile will be updated when additional information comes available.

(New Orleans)



My Daddy - "Danny"  

Danny is 80 pound Black male who is 3 years old.  His profile will be updated when additional information comes available.




PJ's Blazin Blake - "Blake"  

Blake is light brindle 2- year old boy.  He is a very handsome long legged boy weighing about 71 pounds and could use a few more.  Blake’s foster mom just keeps saying, “Blake is such a nice boy”.  Blake is sweet, gentle, has good manners, and tries to please everyone.  He loves children and gets along well with other dogs.  His one vice is CATS (actually it is just the cat’s tail that he finds so interesting, unfortunately it is attached to a cat).  Blake definitely needs a home with no cats.  Currently Blake is fostered with other greyhounds and fits into the home very well.  He is very quiet boy that you would not know was around except he is usually standing or laying right by your side looking up at you – he has been lightly stepped on a couple of times because of this, poor baby.  All in all it bears repeating – "Blake is such a nice boy".




Centauri Stride - "Strider"  

Strider is 63 pound Brindle male who is 2 years old.  His profile will be updated when additional information comes available.