Greyhound Placement Procedures:

  An application for adoption is required, once completed and returned allow at least one week for review and approval. (Download Application)  
  An applicants adoption priority is based on the order in which GFGC receives the application.  
  Those applicants that send in their application fee with the application will receive a higher priority than those that do not remit the fee.  
  Depending on circumstances a home inspection may or may not be required.  
  We do our very best to update our web page with the greyhounds available for adoption in a timely manner.  
  Those potential adopters that would like to see all of our available greyhounds personally will be accommodated only at our monthly public awareness events.  
    (All of our available greyhounds are fostered in our volunteer's homes. It would be logistically impossible to get all of them together except at our monthly events. Thank you for your understanding.)  
  If a potential adopter is only interested in seeing one specific dog, arrangements can be made.  

Your adoption fee is a tax deductible contribution to the program and includes the following:

  Spay or Neuter  
  All Vaccinations  
  Full physical examination  
  Occult heartworm test and fecal exam  
    worming if required  
  Teeth scaling and polishing  
  Safety choke collar, lead and GFGC Id Tag  
    muzzle depending on circumstances  
  The following educational materials are also provided with an adoption:  
    Do's and Don'ts for your new Greyhound  
    Important tips to help your Greyhound the first few days  
    Medical Considerations for Your New Greyhound Friend  
    General Information about Introductions to other pets, home environment, etc.  
    Questions and Answers for New Greyhound Owners  
    Crating Information  
    Taming Separation Anxiety  

    Louisiana, Alabama Chris & Tammy Bourgeois Email: Chris & Tammy
Louisiana, New Orleans Nancy Hunter Email: Nancy
    Mississippi, Gulfport Dawn McCollister Email: Dawn
  Mississippi, Biloxi Dale & Vicki Broussard Email: Dale & Vicki
  Mississippi, Picayune Gerry & Julie LeBlanc Email: Gerry & Julie